Currently seeking Partners and Vendors!

Apply today to be a partner or vendor for an honorable cause!

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We are currently seeking partnerships with vendors, including (but not limited to!) the following services:

Ziplining, kayaking, canoeing, scuba, campgrounds, charter buses, recreation centers, parks, white water rafting, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, biking, petting zoos, farms, equestrian services, catering and any outdoor venue that would be a great addition to our event calendar.

As a partner or vendor, what do I get?

Great question!  You will be our exclusive venue for your service area and guaranteed to be on our rotation of events at least once per year.  You will also receive a free mention on social media, as well as bragging rights for helping a community-centered organization make a difference in the lives of young people in the Triangle of NC.

As a partner or vendor, what do I have to do?

Business as usual!  We ask that our partners and vendors provide group pricing that is fair. Donations of equipment, discounts on services or monetary donations are always welcome, but we do not expect it.  One arm of our business is to strengthen our partner businesses by engaging in activities that are offered.  We simply ask that you make sure our participants enjoy their experience to the fullest.  If you would like to sponsor our adventures, we welcome you to visit our sponsors page.

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