It started with a desire to protect our natural treasures and educate children…

Today’s urban children and families often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment.   That statement alone is the reason why our family created OGL Adventures, LLC.

Kids in cities and suburbs are losing touch with the outdoors, for varying reasons, whether due to an overabundance of technology or lack of access to anything other than patches of parks within concrete jungles.

Every person should have the opportunity to experience the outdoors, regardless of means.

Our purpose is three-fold:

1.  To bring children back to nature.  We connect kids to fun, rewarding activities, including hiking, water sports, adventure and team building exercises to build confidence, inspire a love of the outdoors and give children the opportunity to be outdoors without parents worrying about their well-being.

2.  To bring awareness and interest to the outdoors and therefore help protect our natural world and the resources that we depend on for a positive quality of life.

3.  To support local businesses, especially those with an interest in the outdoors.